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    Every year we hear countless horror stories about diet and training from clients begging for a final answer to how to get and stay in shape.

    Don’t fall into the same mistakes with your fitness routine this year. Let us help you create a fitness plan that finally produces results – isn’t that why you start in the first place?


    Get Honest – What has stopped you before from working out or staying on a consistent fitness routine? Was it lack of time? Lack of energy? Lack of willpower? Identifying what has stopped you in the past from succeeding in your fitness journey is the only way to preventing them from happening in the future – denial ensures failure.


    Get Real – We have heard it over and over and over: set small, realistic goals. This is true and helpful to remaining motivated. The key, however, is to write out each small goal it will take to get to your ultimate fitness goal. By writing these out, you set a visual path toward your success that is harder to change due to emotion or lack of motivation. If you simply keep your goals mapped out in your head, they are easily adjustable when emotions become unraveled or life throws something unexpected your way.


    Get Excited – What motivates you? Most think that seeing a few pounds disappear on the scale will be enough motivation to continue on the path of fitness success, but many tend to settle and even revert back to old habits after hitting just a few weight loss goals. Next to each small goal that you wrote out in Step 3, write a reward you feel is worthy of the work and will motivate you forward. Need some ideas? How about a cheat meal? (Learn how to implement this in our previous article: CHEAT MEALS 101: http://www.bsfgym.com/weight-loss/cheat-meals-101-part-1-of-2/ ) Or maybe a new outfit? Take a day off from work or the gym and binge watch your favorite show, guilt-free.


    Get Prepared – A major saying we tell all our meal clients prior to beginning their journey is to “plan to prepare or prepare to fail”. After you have identified what ultimately knocks you off your fitness game (i.e. work parties, summer BBQ’s, laziness, etc.), small goals that will lead you to your goal and rewards to look forward to on the way, you are prepared to develop a plan.

    1. What is realistic for you in terms of working out each week?
    2. How long can each workout session be?
    3. What would make the most use of this time to get me toward my next goal?
    4. Is there anything I can change in my lifestyle that will allow me to do more than what I can do now? Is it a realistic change?


    Get Going – To ensure your fall back into your next fitness routine is a success, make sure it passes the 3-C Test: Commitment, Convenience and Consistency.

    COMMITMENT: Is the plan one that you can realistically see yourself committing to LONG TERM. Fad diets do NOT work for the long haul and unless you enjoy a good yo-yo diet, longevity and sustainability is what we strive for. Does the plan you created look like one you can see yourself doing long term?

    CONVENIENCE: Are you realistically able to prepare for each day – meals, workouts, rest, family, friends, etc. – and keep to your plan? Is it relatively convenient for you? Making your fitness routine as convenient as possible will ensure you the most success for longevity.

    CONSISTENCY: Can you make your plan into a weekly, monthly, yearly schedule? Again, is it sustainable? Remember, if you are making successful gains in your fitness routine, your training regime will also change and likely for the better (i.e. decreased cardio, etc.).

    It is never a comfortable feeling when you start a new fitness routine, but if you remain consistent you will see change. If you are not seeing change after several weeks, please feel free to email us at bsfgym@gmail.com and we would be happy to give you a few tips on how you can make your plan better fit you!

    You can do it, we just want to help. (Read below for more Extra Tips).

    Yours in health,

    Josh and Lindsey Cohn



    *Get new clothes: I know for many of us, working out in a new favorite shirt or shoes can propel any normal workout into superhuman mode. Consider purchasing a new outfit or pair of shoes as one of your small rewards. Money tight? That’s ok. There are some AWESOME workout clothes at the local Ross, TJ Maxx and even Goodwill to fit anyone’s budget!

    *Get a partner: Having a workout partner has been known to increase one’s workout intensity by up to 200%. Make sure you find a workout partner with similar goals to ensure you are always progressing in your fitness journey.